Program and Case Management

Our consulting team has deep project expertise building program and case management systems including:

  • Program Management Module (PMM)
  • Nonprofit Cloud Case Management (NCCM)
  • Enhancing custom built program and case management systems

Case Studies: Program and Case Management

Program and Case Management Clients

Mercy Housing
Jamboree Housing
Project Access
Homeless Prenatal Program
Foundation for Blind Children
BRIDGE Housing
Housing Connector
All Chicago
Tenderloin Housing Clinic
Sunnyvale Community Services
Worklife Partnership

Implementation Best Practices for Program and Case Management


We initially picked our implementation partner based on their skill set, communication skills, and size (we wanted a smaller company). When I looked at partners I was looking at their hard skills. I didn’t realize how important the PROCESS of implementation would be. Our consultants are great at both focusing on the task at hand, and also at stepping back and look at the bigger picture.

Kristin Dorage, Tenderloin Housing Clinic

They really work to understand clients’ needs and define the work needed to meet those needs. The amount of agility and collaboration at Bigger Boat brings obvious benefits to clients. Your lead is part of a team that talks, so even if someone isn’t not working on the same project, as a client, we have access to a whole team of knowledgeable people.

Elizabeth Haney, Grounded Solutions Network

Their keen understanding of nonprofit organizations and their depth of knowledge has been key in our project’s success.

Rick Jacobus, Capital Impact Partners

Salesforce has been a game changer for our work. Usually when we get notice of an audit, we have just 2-3 weeks to prepare. I needed that amount of time to pause all other work and focus on wrangling years of data to produce a report- a report that determines future funding streams worth millions of dollars. Last month I put Salesforce to the test. I pulled the data needed for an audit in under 2 minutes!

Alicia Crawford, Director of Programs, BRIDGE Housing

Bigger Boat Consulting did a great job managing our large, two-phase project throughout its duration. The project management was stellar and they kept the project moving so we could adhere to our timeline and budget. Their expertise in all things Salesforce allowed us to benefit from a host of tools and features we were not aware of before.

Danielle Sly, Homeless Prenatal Program