Project Access

Resident Services

Project Access provides resident programs and services at over 80 affordable housing sites across 19 states.

Our project with Project Access helped improve their management and reporting of their resident services work, including service outputs and outcomes. We migrated them from a legacy Microsoft Access system to Salesforce’s Program Management Module. The beneficiaries of this new system include residents, onsite staff delivering program services, program leadership, and the administrators who manage and report on the data.

Project Details

Learn more in our case study on using the Program Management Module(PMM) for resident services

The Bigger Boat Consulting team we worked with is knowledgeable, creative, dedicated, patient, kind, and fun to work with.
They are very flexible, receptive to direct and honest feedback, and excited to share their expertise with us so that we are now able to take what we’ve built together and run with it. They understand nonprofits and they worked hard to ensure that we had a system that would ultimately help us better achieve our mission.
This was one of the most professionally rewarding team experiences I have had the privilege of participating in. I’m excited to work with them again when we’re ready for some future enhancements!

Mindy Friedman, Project Access