Program Enrollment and Behavioral Assessment

Childhaven is a child welfare agency that provides therapeutic, classroom-based treatment to young children who have experienced abuse and neglect. They also provide a variety of support services to the children’s parents and caregivers through caregiver groups and home visits.

The Childhaven team used a legacy Access databases to track therapeutic services. There was a separate copy of the database at each branch, which meant that when a child moved between branches staff at the new branch did not have easy access to crucial information about the child. Therapeutic classroom teachers spent a lot of time completing required but unnecessarily cumbersome behavioral assessments, which took precious time away from direct interaction with the children.

We helped Childhaven bring their processes and data into a centralized Salesforce-based system. The new system helps their team track children from enrollment to completion of the program and enables seamless transfers between branches. The system includes a streamlined behavioral assessment form for classroom teachers that is faster to complete, freeing up time for them to spend directly with the children. For child and family therapists the system includes case management, including case notes, individual treatment plans, goals, and diagnoses.

Project Details

Interested in learning more? Read our blog post on how we tracked Childhaven’s complicated client relationships or watch Childhaven’s video demonstrating their case management system.

Bigger Boat Consulting did a great job with this project. The thorough discovery process helped us set our priorities to create a manageable scope of work. Their strong project management kept us on track, coordinating work to be done by BBC’s own consultants, external resources and us, the customer.

The development process was flexible enough that when some of our business requirements changed midstream, we were able to modify the scope to accommodate them by lowering the priority of some features initially in the scope. Development went smoothly. Unexpected challenges were addressed quickly and professionally.

They also did a great job coaching our staff to increase our internal capacity.

Tim O’Conner, Information Systems Manager