Mercy Housing

Resident Services

Mercy Housing is a national, non-profit affordable housing provider with over 40,000 residents across 300 properties in over 20 states. They provide affordable housing and resident services to families, seniors, and people with special needs.

Bigger Boat partnered with Mercy Housing to successfully move its 300-person resident services team from Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) to the Salesforce platform. While ETO provided a number of essential features, it was cumbersome for users to get data in and lacked the reporting flexibility needed to get meaningful data out.  

Mercy uses Salesforce’s Program Management Module (PMM) as the cornerstone of their resident services system to track and manage program outcomes, case management, assessments, and services delivered for their broad range of programs. Their Salesforce system is integrated with their enterprise data warehouse to get timely property and resident data. 

The new system features actionable and user-specific homepages that highlight key information. This information includes residents needing outreach, households pending dismissal, and open lease violations needing attending. By bringing this actionable information to the home page, staff can start their day knowing exactly which of their residents need attention.  The system automatically filters this information so that staff only see the residents they’re responsible for, while managers see the action items for all the residents under their staff’s purview.  

Some of the action focused home page items

Performance metrics are also featured throughout the system.  The home page hosts the staff person’s performance such as how quickly they’re getting resident service participation recorded into the system. Each property record hosts its own reports specific to the property such as participation trends, demographic information, and actionable items.  

One of the performance metrics staff members track

The move to Salesforce has had a significant positive impact on Mercy Housing’s critical work with residents.

Bigger Boat Consulting was unique because of their wide breath of experience in the non-profit and affordable housing spaces, and the combined knowledge of their team was instrumental to the success of the project. We were able to build a robust solution that far exceeded our expectations.

From inception to completion, the Bigger Boat team was there for us every step of the way. For any non-profits considering a switch to Salesforce or trying to decide on an implementation partner, look no further than Bigger Boat Consulting. You can rest assured that you are selecting a powerful platform and a team of amazing people that will give it their all to ensure your organization achieves success!

Chris Scheuermann, Mercy Housing