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Four Keys to Scaling a Nonprofit Solution

At Dreamforce a group of us pulled together a panel to share our collective experience building and scaling Salesforce applications for the nonprofit sector. This post is a collaborative effort with Alex Bernadotte from Beyond 12, Zach Goldstein from Health Leads, Tiffany Eng from Capital Impact Partners, and Jesse Maddex from the Salesforce Foundation. The…

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6 ways you should be using Chatter

When Salesforce first introduced Chatter, we were a little skeptical. Did we really need a “social” tool to communicate with our team of five? But it turns out that Chatter has been a great way for us to communicate all the non-pressing things that used to flood our inboxes or be yelled across the room.…

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Making the team

We’re ready to dive into the project! Of course we want to hear all about your data. We want to learn about your programs and the specific fields you are hoping to bring over into Salesforce. We love to see the reports that would make your funders happy. But before all of that, we need…

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Reports and dashboards and graphs…oh my!

This summer the Salesforce Foundation provided a number of new reports and dashboards for the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP). If you haven’t look at them or considered installing them, you should. There are 5 new dashboards and 47 new reports. I’d like to highlight a few of my favorites. But take a look, there are…


Designating a Salesforce administrator is crucial to your success

As nonprofit Salesforce consultants, we ALWAYS recommend that organizations have a designated database administrator. In fact, we feel so strongly about it that we don’t start a project unless the organization commits to finding (and allowing time for) someone to fulfill that role. Here’s why: You need someone to “own” your data. This person is…

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Why you need an elevator pitch for your CRM project

We often will walk into an organization’s large meeting room for a project kick-off meeting to discover that the people in the room fall into two camps. CRM Veterans:  They’ve used a CRM before and it’s been a relatively positive experience. They know that this will (mostly) impact their lives in a (mostly) good way.…

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Six easy ways to optimize Salesforce for your nonprofit

Merriam Webster defines Optimization as an act, process, or methodology of making something as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible. I don’t know of any CRM system that is perfect but we should always strive to make our system as fully functional and effective as possible. Here are six things that you can do…

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Should you disable Quick Create for better Salesforce data integrity?

What is Quick Create?  Quick Create is the “new” button that appears in lookup windows or the Quick Create section in the sidebar on Account, Contact, Opportunity, or Lead tabs in Salesforce.   In the picture below, I was adding XYC Corporation to Dewey Duck’s contact record.  In the Lookup panel, I found that XYC didn’t…

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Four tips to maintain an effective Salesforce backup

What would happen if a new workflow rule or trigger ran amok on your Salesforce data without it being noticed for weeks? Or if a well meaning intern accidentally wreaks havoc while doing data cleanup? Would you be protected? The good news is that Salesforce backs up your data. The bad news is that their…

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Why every Salesforce user needs their own license

Nonprofits who use Salesforce benefit from a generous grant: Each 501(c)3 gets 10 free licenses that provide access to features that cost business users thousands of dollars each year. Organizations with more than 10 users get a steep discount — about 75% off the regular price — for additional licenses. But even with that discount,…