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From the trenches: Salesforce user adoption tips and tactics

We are pleased to have Nicholas Merriam share his user adoption tips for a Salesforce implementation he oversaw while at Building Changes in 2011. Now Operations Director for Vittana, Nicholas is using some of these same techniques at his new organization. The Challenge Prior to implementing a centralized database, Building Changes used five databases and…


Our Agile Approach: No Surprises

At some point during a project kick-off meeting, I usually explain what we don’t do at Bigger Boat Consulting. I’ll say something to the effect of “We don’t gather a bunch of requirements, scurry away and disappear for three months, and then come back to deliver our database solution to the client with a smile…

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What a nonprofit Salesforce administrator needs to know — the basics

Congratulations! You are a new Salesforce Administrator at a nonprofit organization. As the Salesforce administrator, you are responsible for driving user adoption, providing training, and ensuring data integrity. You will also need to be a reliable go-to person for reports and help. This is a critical role in the organization that requires training and organizational…

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Top questions to ask when choosing a Salesforce app for your nonprofit

Note: A version of this post first appeared as a guest post on the blog and is also a resource in the Power of Us Hub. You are ready to adopt Salesforce for your organization’s core program management work. The vendor’s demo was impressive and the checklist of features looks good. Now is the time…

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907 Pine Consulting is now Bigger Boat Consulting

When we originally formed the company, we were busy working with clients and chose our initial street address as our name for efficiency. A unique opportunity arose this summer: joining the new Hub Seattle space, a collection of social enterprises that include Social Venture Partners, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and many other organizations working to do good in our community.…