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Reports and dashboards and graphs…oh my!

This summer the Salesforce Foundation provided a number of new reports and dashboards for the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP). If you haven’t look at them or considered installing them, you should.

There are 5 new dashboards and 47 new reports. I’d like to highlight a few of my favorites. But take a look, there are a lot more available that may be of interest to you and your organization.

Let me start with dashboards — a dashboard is worth a 1000 words.

Campaign Metrics Dashboard:  Prior to this dashboard and the reports behind it, I really never saw the need to enter the actual cost of a campaign in Salesforce. Actual cost and all of the cost details are generally kept in accounting. Of course, this means that no one but accounting sees the campaign metrics on a regular basis. With the Campaign Metrics dashboard, I do think it is worth the time to enter the cost in the campaign. While we all know that nonprofit campaigns can be as much about “friend-raising” as fundraising, these reports can show you how you are doing on your investment in the fundraising area.

NPSP Campaign Metrics

Tip:  If you have a lot of campaigns add a filter or two to the dashboard to narrow down your results. In the example below I’ve added a filter on campaign name and start date.


Grants Management Dashboard:  With this dashboard and the reports behind it, you can get a quick view of how you are doing toward your grant goal, where things are in the pipeline, and your top grants received.

47 new reports out of the box!  Wow! What does it include? 

There are the common LYBUNT (donated Last Year But Unfortunately Not This year) and SYBUNT (donated Some Year But Unfortunately Not This year) reports for contacts, households, and organizations (accounts).  There are reports on top 10 household donors and top 15 Won Opportunities. And even reports on contacts or households that have donated by state and zip code. Here are a few of my favorite reports in the group:

Contact Giving by Best Gift Year — This report lists your donors by their best giving year. It comes with a graph (did I mention I like pictures?) that shows the percentage by record count of the best giving year for your contacts. Why was 2011 the best gift year for 67% of our donors? Did the organization hold a special campaign? Was there a strong speaker at an event? Were there specific high level asks?


Household Giving by Range – This report buckets Total Giving and lists households within each of the buckets. Who are the donors in the highest giving buckets? Were their best giving years in the same year?

It also comes with a graph that displays the percentage of households in each bucket by record count. In this example, you can see that 38% of the households donated $500 or more and 46% donated less than $50.


Donor Year on Year Comparison – This report shows your donations by month on a year over year comparison. The graph is a quick visual to see the flow of donations in your organization. It helps you see how you are doing month by month compared to the previous 2 years.


There is also a whole set of Donation forecasting and Membership dashboards and associated reports. All of these reports and dashboard are included in any new installation of the Nonprofit Starter Pack.  If you already have the Starter Pack, you can add these to your current instance. Here are the installation instructions, including the full list of dashboards and reports. The Power of Us Hub has a thread where you can learn about a few potential installation pitfalls.

Theses dashboards and reports can give you information you need today. They also give you a starting point for building other reports and dashboards that may be more appropriate for your organization. Simple changes may make the world of difference in your organization, say changing the top 10 to the top 25, adding filters to the dashboard, or changing the range of values in the bucket fields.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Salesforce Foundation’s NPSP DC Developer Sprint and pulled together this great set of reports and dashboards.

Update: these reports are an add-in for Nonprofit Starter Pack v2 customers and are now included with new Salesforce accounts that start with Nonprofit Starter Pack v3.