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Should you disable Quick Create for better Salesforce data integrity?

What is Quick Create?  Quick Create is the “new” button that appears in lookup windows or the Quick Create section in the sidebar on Account, Contact, Opportunity, or Lead tabs in Salesforce.   In the picture below, I was adding XYC Corporation to Dewey Duck’s contact record.  In the Lookup panel, I found that XYC didn’t exist but was given the option to create a new account by clicking on the “New” button.


Easy, right?  But if you want to maintain your data integrity, you may not want to use it.  Why?

  •  Quick Create does not allow you to change the fields available for entering data.  Say you have asked your users to fill in the Type when they create a new record.  You can not add Type to the Quick Create layout.  All records created via Quick Create will not have a type unless you users go to the account to add it later.
  •  Quick Create does not allow you to make fields required.  If you require that all accounts have the state field populated, Quick Create will not allow you to make that a required field.
  •  Validation rules are not executed on Quick Create.  Say you have a validation rule to ensure that all accounts have either a phone number or a website.  If you create an account via Quick Create this validation check will not catch records that are created without a phone number or a website.
  •  Triggers are also not executed on Quick Create.   If you use Quick Create to create an opportunity, the trigger that sets the contact roles for the opportunity would not execute.

Data integrity is key to to having a successful CRM system.  If you use any of these methods to ensure data integrity, you will want to turn off Quick Create.  How do you do that?   It’s really quite simple.

Go to Setup > Customize > User Interface and uncheck the box that says “ Show Quick Create.”

A simple step to help ensure some data integrity in your system.