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Highlights from’s Program Management Webinar with BRIDGE Housing

BRIDGE Housing provides housing, programs, and services to residents in 90 apartment communities across California, Oregon, and Washington. Bigger Boat helped BRIDGE Housing move their program tracking from Excel spreadsheets and paper files to Salesforce. recently hosted a webinar with BRIDGE Housing. If you are in housing or human services, the webinar lets you see and hear firsthand how Salesforce can help your organization better track your work.

Key lessons from the webinar include:

  • Know what you have, what you want, and what you need before finding a solution.
  • Focus on the most tangible and valuable areas of a system first to create impact, excitement, and buy-in.
  • Solve problems for the users who are most critical for the system’s success.
  • Be realistic about goals to manage leadership expectations.
  • Build iteratively, build lean, and get the team into the system early.

The BRIDGE Housing team also highlighted the tangible benefits they’ve seen in moving to Salesforce:

Highlighted Results

The annual savings in cost and time that BRIDGE has seen with Salesforce.


To dive into BRIDGE Housing’s story and these topics, watch the webinar.

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