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907 Pine Consulting is now Bigger Boat Consulting

907 Pine Consulting is now Bigger Boat Consulting

When we originally formed the company, we were busy working with clients and chose our initial street address as our name for efficiency. A unique opportunity arose this summer: joining the new Hub Seattle space, a collection of social enterprises that include Social Venture Partners, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and many other organizations working to do good in our community. Being located with these other organizations will allow us to collaborate and engage with a broader community of like minded organizations. As part of this transition, we are becoming Bigger Boat Consulting.

Why Bigger Boat?

The inspiration for the name Bigger Boat Consulting comes from a scene in the 1970’s movie Jaws where Roy Schneider’s character first sees the shark and utters “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” The bottom line was they needed a better tool to achieve their mission. This is exactly what many organizations are looking for when they come to us. They recognize their existing collection of outdated databases is holding them back. To most effectively meet their mission, they need a better system for managing their data. We help to deliver these solutions.

PS – If you are interested in the Jaws scene, here it is.