The Nature Conservancy

Mobile Data Collection and Compliance

field tech

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is working to provide habitats for migratory birds. They do this through an innovative field rental program with farmers. A critical and time-consuming part of this work is ensuring compliance with rental agreements.

Bigger Boat helped The Nature Conservancy enhance its Salesforce system to support efficient mobile data collection and improve compliance. The system enables field compliance data to be collected on mobile devices in the field. This data flows directly into Salesforce in real-time and provides alerts when fields/farmers are “out of compliance.” This enables prompt farmer communication and re-compliance.

Project Details

Learn more in our case study on this Salesforce-based field data collection system.

The project team was highly engaged and very experienced with coming up with Salesforce solutions to solve our project needs. The project was not the typical CRM solution, it was complex and unique for a non-profit and Bigger Boat was able master the business requirements and deliver a project that provided us the ability to operationalize our emerging program.

Jennifer Alden Sanchez, The Nature Conservancy