Sundown M Ranch

Client Intake and Management


Sundown M Ranch provides in-patient addiction treatment for those afflicted with drug and alcohol dependency. Founded in 1968, Sundown M Ranch is the first nonprofit alcoholism treatment program in Washington State.

Sundown was looking to improve their client intake process, which was being done in their patient management system. We worked with the Sundown team to implement a streamlined intake process that prioritizes clients who best fit Sundown’s treatment approach. To eliminate double entry of data, we also facilitated the integration between Salesforce and Sigmund, Sundown’s patient management system.

Bigger Boat was able to understand our organization’s complex needs and processes. It was amazing to have such a complex and extensive project launch without any major hiccups.

Within days of launching Salesforce, we saw improvements in our processes, which in turn had an immediate impact on the people we are trying to help. This is largely because of our ability to turn calls around much more quickly.The result of this process is being appreciated at all levels of the organization.

Mike Plaisance, Sundown M Ranch