Seattle CityClub

Seattle CityClub provides programs that bridge politics, sectors and generations to inform and engage Seattle-area residents and community leaders. Their programs serve over 4,000 people each year.

CityClub was struggling with an outdated CiviCRM system that was inadequate for their needs. Bigger Boat helped CityClub move to Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack. The system tracks their events, membership, engagement, and sponsorships. The new system provides them a complete view of their constituents, relationships, and interactions.

The Bigger Boat Consulting method ensures that from beginning to end of the project, the client’s needs are met so we ended up with an instance that was exactly what we expected and set out to achieve. In addition, they are just lovely folks to work with. Super knowledgeable, but really good at breaking down complex issues (for non-technical minds) into manageable concepts. 

Brianna Brown, Database Coordinator