Seattle Children’s Hospital

Referral Service Helpline and Peer Review Management

Seattle Children’s Partnership Access Line (PAL) fields over 3,200 calls a year from primary care providers (doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants). PAL responds to mental health care questions like diagnostic clarification, medication adjustment, and treatment planning. Providers can get expert resources for their patients from the Line.

Seattle Children’s came to Bigger Boat with part of their PAL operations in an existing Salesforce system and the rest in Access and Excel. Seattle Children’s now has a single flexible system for all their workflows that they understand and own. They have a Salesforce system that they understand, own, and can maintain. In addition, referral specialists can more easily navigate family conversations, peer reviews of calls can be more flexibly managed across programs, and program workers spend less time pulling together critical information.

Project Details

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We first chose a slightly cheaper implementation partner and it was a costly negative experience. Bigger Boat is worth every penny.

It felt like their team became part of our team for the duration of the project. They are SO knowledgeable, their project management is on point. We are now successfully managing our own org internally without a licensed Salesforce Admin, just our existing team.

I am so thankful we ended up connecting and working with them.

Megan Barrett, Seattle Children’s Hospital