Mental Health AssocIation of Oklahoma

Unified Program and Donor Management

The Mental Health Association of Oklahoma’s expertise and work exist primarily at the intersection of mental illness and homelessness. They promote mental health, prevent suicide, help end homelessness, and transform the justice system. The goal of this Salesforce project was to eliminate data silos and provide an effective tool to manage the organization’s daily work across a broad range of programs.

The first phase of the project involved moving their development team from Fonteva to the Nonprofit Success Pack. The second phase focused on centralizing program and case management for dozens of mental health programs. The new Salesforce system provides their teams with centralized intake, an agency-wide view of their clients, and management of inbound and outbound referrals. A few highlights:

  • Staff-centric pages help team members to quickly and efficiently handle the most common tasks with clients.
  • All referral information can be reported on to see the turnaround time for responding to a new client request. 
  • Staff can now see how many referrals are coming in for each of the specific areas of service that the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma provides.
  • Staff can create snapshot assessments of the most important information, to understand how a client’s status has changed over time.
  • Staff can quickly run reports on how many clients are in each program, the status, how long a client has been in a program, etc.
  • Detailed reporting on program KPIs is now possible across the organization.