Capital Impact Partners Affordable Home Ownership Application

hk logo smallCapital Impact is a national funder focused on programs that create a high quality of life for low-income people and communities. HomeKeeper is a Salesforce-based app for affordable homeownership organizations that we created with the team at Capital Impact Partners. It combines a day-to-day program management tool with a shared measurement system, called the HomeKeeper National Data Hub. HomeKeeper tracks the key information involved in the home buying, selling, and financing process. This centralized view of information improves staff coordination with potential home buyers, home sellers, and homeowners.

The HomeKeeper National Data Hub aggregates and crunches affordable housing data from organizations using HomeKeeper. The system calculates a set of social impact metrics based on a core set of common fields and program procedures. A Jitterbit-based system pulls data from the seventy HomeKeeper systems into a centralized Salesforce system for measuring social impact. Bigger Boat took this project over from another consultant in early 2014. Working with Capital Impact we focused on making it more reliable and improved the accuracy of data being pulled into the system.

Capital Impact Partners received a Salesforce Foundation Force for Change grant for the HomeKeeper project in 2012. HomeKeeper is a Salesforce managed package available on the AppExchange and is currently in use by more than seventy home ownership organizations across the country.

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