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Top 5 Quick Picks for Nonprofits from the Summer ’15 Release

Ice cream truckThe preliminary Release Notes for Summer ‘15 came out late last week. We’ve had a quick look through and found a few things we think nonprofits and their admins should be very excited about! Prepare to be empowered, #awesomeadmins!

These new features aren’t nonprofit-specific, but based on our experience, we think nonprofits will find them helpful.

  1. Easier login access. Admins can now access the “login as any user” feature without having to request it from Salesforce Support. This means your users no longer have to manually grant you access to preview or troubleshoot their permissions, page layouts, views, etc. Use with caution, obviously, but it sure is handy when you need it!

  2. Better formula support for criteria in Process Builder. You can now use INCLUDES, ISCHANGED, ISNEW, ISPICKVAL, and PRIORVALUE in criteria formulas in Process Builder. This means, for example, you could fire actions when a particular field value was set, or when it was changed, or when the record was new and the field was not blank. You can also now get more specific around Opportunity/Donation Stage changes using PRIORVALUE and ISPICKVAL. Want to alert your Director of Development when a Donation goes from Pending to Closed Lost? Now you can.

  3. More value types on Field Updates in Process Builder, including formulas and relative dates. Update fields with formulas (like we could with old-school Workflow Rules)? Yes please! And finally, relative date formulas for field updates! Create a followup task with a due date of Opportunity Close Date + 3! Combine this with ISPICKVAL to create a followup task with a due date of TODAY() + 3 when an Opportunity/Donation with an Amount > $5000 has its Stage hit Pending!

  4. Conditions on Field Updates in Process Builder. Prior to Summer ‘15, if you used Process Builder to update related records, it would fire on all related records. For instance, if you wanted to update an Account address and have that automatically update all of that Account’s Contacts’ addresses, it would fire on all of that Account’s Contacts indiscriminately. What if you want to only update the Contact’s address if the Contact is a certain Record Type? Now you can add Record Type (or any other field) as a filter on the field update!

  5. Edit posts and comments in Chatter. At long last, our typos are not enshrined for all time in Chatter! Even if your organization doesn’t use Chatter, you’ll probably find this helpful in the Power of Us HUB. No more posting another comment with “Oops, I meant X…” Just edit! Worried about compliance and need posts locked down? Admins can disable this feature in Chatter Settings.

Bonus Beta: Unified User Digest. This beta promises a “redesigned user digest email that’s more mobile friendly, better organized, and better coordinated with group digests.” With the number of digests I get, and the fact that I always try (in vain) to read them effectively on my mobile device, I will definitely be checking out this beta! (Remember, a beta means that a feature isn’t quite ready for primetime, and may look quite different by the time it’s officially released, or may never be released at all. Proceed with caution, and remember #safeharbor.)

Let’s raise our ice cream cones in celebration of these awesome new features coming our way in May!

What have you found worth cheering about in Summer ‘15?