Salesforce Administrator Coaching

When to call in The Coach

Struggling with reporting? Data cleanliness? Unsure how to capture new information? Feeling like you are not getting the most out of your Salesforce installation? Much of the time, you don’t need a consultant to come in and make changes for you. What you really need is coaching. Coaching can enable you to update reports with confidence, use Demand Tools to remove duplicates, and schedule automated emails.

Our coaching service evolved out of our core belief (rooted in real experience) that every organization should have the in-house knowledge to get the most out of their database. One-on-one coaching with one of our consultants and your database administrator is the single best way to improve your in-house knowledge.

How we provide coaching services

We have experience working with a range of nonprofit organizations and their Salesforce administrators. Using this knowledge as a starting point, we work with you to determine what you already know, what you are currently struggling with, and what you need to learn in order to provide excellent administration. With weekly coaching sessions, we go over specific topics relevant to your environment and administrator skill set.  At the end of most sessions, we even give you homework to further hone your skills before the next session. Our goal at the end of a coaching engagement is that you have the confidence and increased skills to help your organization get what it needs out of your database.

Interested in learning if coaching is right for your organization? Contact us.