About Us

We are a mission-driven consulting firm. We are excited about working with organizations that want to change the world and their communities. We are a Salesforce.org partner and run a business focused on doing good in the world.

Why clients work with us

  • We have the technology and process chops, but we know that people and mission are what matter. Every person on our staff has worked at a nonprofit organization. Every consultant on our team is Salesforce certified (and some with as many as 10 certifications).

  • We value helping our clients take ownership of their system. We instill this ownership in many ways, from building the right project team to requiring a staff database administrator to our inclusive agile approach. At the end of a project, our goal is that organizations feel that it is their system, not a system built for them by “some consultant.”

  • We take a lean approach to the solutions we build. We use our knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) to build the most straightforward and cost-effective solution to meet a client’s needs. We use Salesforce AppExchange products whenever they are the best way to achieve project goals. We guide a client’s investment to complicated solutions only in the limited areas where it can truly pay off. This lean approach helps provide our clients with solutions that are more easily maintained over the long-term.

  • Our clients work directly with our consultant(s) doing the implementation work. This ensures there is never a doubt about who’s responsible for the work being done. This also allows our project team to always keep the project priorities top of mind because they’re constantly working with the client.

  • We bring the skills and experience of our entire team to each project. Behind the scenes we have formal checkpoints where other consultants with complementary expertise validate the implementation and provide input. We also do “just in time” problem solving as part of our daily standup. This allows the team to smoothly move over project hurdles.

  • We care deeply about the Salesforce nonprofit community and we invest in it. We are active in the Salesforce Foundation’s Power of Us Hub through answering community questions and authoring knowledge base articles. We also support ongoing enhancements to the open source Nonprofit Starter Pack by hosting and participating in developer sprints. We contribute code and bug fixes to both the Nonprofit Starter Pack and Volunteers for Salesforce. We help write new Salesforce Trailhead modules. As a result of this community commitment, four of our team members have been named Salesforce MVPs.

  • We know our stuff, but we also know when to bring in outside specialists. While our team does the vast majority of project work, we make limited use of contractors for tasks that require specialized skill sets. Examples include advanced user experience (UX) design or in-depth knowledge of database systems other than Salesforce.

  • We help clients utilize the most cost-effective licenses for their needs. Salesforce license decisions can be confusing. Making the incorrect choice can lead to unneeded annual recurring expenses. We have a deep understanding of Salesforce license types and costs. We use this knowledge to design client solutions that give users access to the information and tools they need, at the appropriate license level.

  • We adapt our process to the needs of the project and organization. While the core tenets remain the same from project to project, we recognize that the process needed to build a system for a 10-person organization may not be the same as what’s required for a 100-person organization. We are not afraid to adjust the process during a project.

Why we chose our name

The inspiration for the name Bigger Boat Consulting comes from a scene in the 1975 movie Jaws where Roy Schneider’s character first sees the shark and utters “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” The bottom line was they needed a better tool to achieve their mission. This is exactly what organizations are looking for when they come to us. They recognize their existing collection of outdated databases is holding them back. To most effectively meet their mission, they need a better system for managing their data. If you are interested in the Jaws scene, here it is.

Meet the team or contact us to learn more about how we help organizations more effectively manage their data.