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6 ways you should be using Chatter

When Salesforce first introduced Chatter, we were a little skeptical. Did we really need a “social” tool to communicate with our team of five? But it turns out that Chatter has been a great way for us to communicate all the non-pressing things that used to flood our inboxes or be yelled across the room.

Here are six ways you might use Chatter to improve your internal communication.

Leverage your co-workers’ brains


Does anyone know anything about Excel formulas? I’m pretty sure someone helped me with this spreadsheet last year. Who was it?

Share interesting reads


Now you can share blog posts with people who are interested in them WITHOUT sending an email to

Share productivity tips


Remember that feature I was complaining about not existing last week? It exists and I found it.

Ask questions about internal processes


How many calendars need to be notified about my next vacation?

Get feedback without sifting through replies


Also useful for pressing questions like, “Where should we go for lunch?” and “What should our team mascot be?”

Pro tips


Everyone benefits from knowing, but they don’t really need to know until Friday at about 3:30.

Looking for more ideas? Checkout the Salesforce Foundation’s post, 10 Ways for a Nonprofit to use Chatter.